Club Principles



Shiro No Judo Kent upholds the B.J.A principles that all children and persons whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/ or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse. 

The members, staff and volunteers of the Association are committed to the welfare and protection of children and young people so that they can enjoy sporting activities in safety without fear, threat or abuse.  

All Shiro No Judo Clubs coaches and volunteers have to complete D.B.S background checks. The coaches and Child Welfare Officers have attended the B.J.A/ N.S.P.C.C "Time to Listen" and "Long Term Development" Workshops.     

Judoka of the week /month



Shiro No Judo Kent run Judoka of the week and Judoka of the month for our Junior members.

To be eligible for this award our Judoka's have to show that they can adhere to the Judo code throughout the lesson .

The Judo Moral Code is a set of ethics created by the sport's founder Jigoro Kano.

 He believed they were vital in the development of judo players and individuals both on and off the mat. The code itself is made up of 8 parts: 

Courtesy, Courage, 

Honesty,  Honour, 

Modesty, Respect, 

Self-Control and Discipline .

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