History of Judo

Brief Judo History  

The founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano, was very small in stature, around 5 feet 4 inches tall and 60 kilograms (9.5 stone) in weight. Constant bullying at school prompted him to take up Jujitsu, an ancient martial art dating from the time of the Samurai, at which he eventually became an expert.

During this time, Kano sought out and refined out what he regarded as the best techniques from all the Jujitsu schools. In the process, he became more than able enough to defend himself against a bigger and stronger opponent, and soon began to develop a following. In 1882, aged twenty-two, he founded the Kodokan school of Judo, which was the beginning of Judo as we know it now.  

Four years later, in 1886, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police held a tournament to determine which martial art was superior in a true fight. Of the nine matches between Judo and Jujitsu, the Kodokan Judo team took eight wins and one draw, marking the start of a process which would eventually lead to Judo becoming the martial art of Japan and later a national and Olympic sport.

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