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  Virtual Gradings for Juniors 

Dear Member/Parent/Guardians

As you know we have sadly had to cancel all the gradings due to COVID-19 pandemic. The British Judo Association has come up with a way for those who were going to grade to do so. They have stated:

· There is NO grading fee! 

· Only one grade will be allowed, e.g. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon etc. (Example – Red belt 1 stripe to Red belt 2 stripe) 

· The time in grade requirement will be waived. 

· The coach must first ascertain the current grade as registered on The Dojo.

It is up to the club how they want to present the grading results, for example:

· Belts and certificates can be presented when the judoka returns to Judo

· Presentation could be carried out virtually over social media

· The judoka’s record book can be signed on return to Judo

· Coaches should keep a record of all promotions submitted.

This means that we can now go forward with the previously planned gradings. However, this will only be for junior Mon grades within our club. This will be done as follows.


You must have a valid B.J.A license – a copy must be sent to me by email or message showing your membership card before you can complete any grading.


· Complete the theory exam for your next grade. To do this go to the website and download the relevant test paper.

· Complete the paper for your current grade and the next grade up i.e.: 1st Red belt Mon to 2nd Mon, Yellow belt 5th to 6th Mon Etc. ( Red belt 1 stripe & Red Belt 2 stripes – If you are unsure please contact me)

· Once completed you will need to email your answers to Sensei Andy at to be marked. 

Practical (throws & hold downs)

· BJA Grading Videos1st – 9th Mon Syllabus Videos *

· Please view the introductory video before beginning the syllabus and activities.

· Go to the website where you will find the grading syllabus for all belts, you can also download if you wish.

· Video your practical throws and hold downs. This can be done by getting a member of the family to help you with the hold downs or use a pillow and explain what you are doing. 

· Throwing techniques. If you have a sibling at home who also does judo you can practice with them if it is done safely. If you have no one to help you then you may be able to use the Uchi Komi Shadow practice if you state what technique you are demonstrating. If you unsure how to do this, please contact me.

· Once you have done this you can send your videos to Sensei Andy at or post them on our face book page where they will be assessed. 

This is by no means compulsory, and if you would rather complete your grading when returning to the club, we will be scheduling a grading when we return, but remember this is the only time that you will get a grading for free. So why not make the most of this great opportunity!

Good luck 

Sensei Andy & The Shiro No Judo Team

News & Updates

Hello everyone

We hope everyone is staying home, staying healthy and keeping well. We also hope you are all managing to get some exercise and have enjoyed looking at some of the links we have posted for judo related activities you can do at home, on our Facebook page.

 It is very important that we all keep to the instructions given by the Government.  Supporting services and the NHS by only going out for health reasons, exercise, medical supplies or for work, if you can’t work at home.
Please help protect our wider judo family - save lives and protect the NHS
Stay Home ................please.........!!! 

And that way, we will all be able to get together again, when this is all over. 

Don’t forget that there are still things that can be practiced - keeping your judo skill up to scratch.  Break falls on your bed, shadow uchi-komi techniques, and general fitness. 


As you will be aware, we have had to cancel some of our events for the beginning of this year. The gradings that should have taken place in April will now hopefully take place in October, with dates to be confirmed. 

However, I have spoken to the coaches and we have decided that to expedite things we have put together a theory exam for Red to Green belts. 

This can be found on our website and can be downloaded. 

Once you have completed the theory you can you return it to Andy by email or post so we can mark it and update our records. (email and postal address at the end of this notice) 

Judoka of the Year 2020

This year the Christopher Hopkinson memorial on Saturday the 26thof September, will be a Memorable Seminar as we have a Judo Celebrity Guest Instructor Mr Ashley McKenzie. A Judo, 4th Dan, Part of Team GB, ranked 13th in the world.  Olympic athlete, 2012, 2016.

This year’s categories are.

1. Overall Judoka of the year. 

2. Most improved.

3. Best attendance.

4. Best newcomer.

As well as the presentation of the Memorial shield to one of our members.

We really hope you will all come along – you can reserve tickets now but contacting us on our Facebook page.

We are asking you all to help and support/promote our great club throughout the rest of 2020.

If you would like any more information on the club or on how you could volunteer and take part, please contact,

Andy – 07812417648 


or any of the team at Shiro-No Judo.

Take Care be safe, and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible – until then, remember we are all contactable if you have any judo queries and post regularly on the Facebook page.


A.T. Hopkinson

Sensei Andrew